How to Pick the Perfect Shirts and Shoes For Your Summer Fashion

When it comes to men’s summer fashion, there are no rules. Men and women can wear whatever they want, when they want, and the trends are constantly shifting. The key, like with all men’s fashion, is in the subtle details. The following 15 men’s summer fashion pieces can be combined and mixed in endless variations, ensuring that your sartorial dexterity does not take a four-week vacation in the sand. The Polo That Fit.

One of the first things you should consider with men’s clothing is their pants. Whether they are riding briefcases or jeans, every man’s wardrobe should contain at least one classic polo shirt in their collection, whether it is a plain one or a coloured one. A basic white polo shirt paired with a graphic tee and some classy trousers is all that is needed to complete your personal style and make a statement about your attitude.

Another essential for every man’s wardrobe is a pair of good quality shorts. There are two types of shorts: business casual and formal. Business casual shorts are generally made from cotton and have less structure than formal shorts. They should be in white or black, with a slightly worn or scuffed look. They should not be too short or too long, and they should always be tucked into their underwear. The rule of thumb when buying business casual shorts is that they fit tight to your leg, but they do not cling or bind around your bum.

In business casual, your choice of pants, shirt, and shorts will depend on what you are wearing with your ensemble. For example, if you are wearing a t-shirt, your best choice of pants would be a pair of athletic shorts, preferably dark colors such as black or white. Athletic shorts are just the ticket for a smooth, sporty look, and they are easier to team up with a shirt that matches. As for your shirt, a good place to start would be a white or black t-shirt with a basic button down shirt worn with a pair of athletic shorts.

One more good choice for your shorts would be a lightweight, breathable, and stylish pair of gym shorts. Gym shorts are much easier to team up with a regular shirt and they are made from cotton, so they will be soft and comfortable against your skin. A classic pair of gym shorts would be a soft, white cotton polo style. Some men’s fashion magazines suggest pairing your gym shorts with a pique polo shirt, but this pairing is usually meant for casual wear.

The three piece suit is the staple of summer style. You should probably keep your shirt and tie very basic, at least in the front, and keep the rest of your ensemble basic. Lightly colored Oxfords, light khakis or leggings, a solid colored blazer, and a flat front slacks will all go well with this summer style. A classic three-piece suit should consist of a jacket, trousers, and a pair of white or black shoes. If you are having trouble finding a three-piece suit that suits you, consider having a suit tailor make a mock up for you to see what kind of fit you want.