Men’s Fashion Trends for 2009

Men’s Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity for men to show off their wardrobes and also discuss new fashion ideas that they have been working on. This is also a great time to gather inspiration and look at what other men are wearing so that you can create your own look. Here are some of the highlights this year.

First there is the tie. Ties are always looked at as something that is a little old fashioned but if you try new designs like the polka dot tie with a little colour in it then you will be surprised. These will work if worn with a suit as they make the whole outfit looks a lot more coordinated. Just don’t wear them to an office party.

Another trend that you should pay attention to this season is the motorcycle coat. There are a lot of leather coats that are in vogue now so get one to add to your collection. You will be able to find these both online and in retail stores. The coat looks really good with jeans and a t-shirt but can also be dressed up with a shirt and a pair of boots or even a cummerbund. The key to looking smart when wearing this type of clothing is to keep things simple but not boring.

When it comes to outerwear for men there are some pretty good choices this season. For a summer wardrobe you should consider buying a jacket, although there are some cool designs this year like the bomber jacket which is a great way to keep warm without having to overheat. If you live in an area where it snows then a heavy jacket is advisable so that you don’t freeze to death. Men’s jackets come in many different styles from short to long and everything in between. A trench coat is a really classic look that works well with any outfit. You can also think about investing in a knit beanie to keep your head warmer.

Next there are some accessories that are becoming very popular. Things such as hats and bandannas have been used as fashion for a few years but they are just now really gaining in popularity. Other men are buying these items because they look cool and they also provide protection from the elements. When it comes to shoes, there are two main styles that are growing in popularity. The first is quite basic but practical shoes such as black boots, ankle boots or even court shoes. The other style is very fashionable with chunky heels and platform shoes.

The clothing line for men on the rise is called ASK. They have taken their stylish outerwear design and made it stylish and fashionable for men. You can now get jeans, shirts, jackets and board shorts with the ASK logo emblazoned across the front. You can also get ASK wrist watches, belts and bags. Men’s fashion trends seem to be heading back to the good old country look but it is still important to keep things trendy and interesting.